About Gabby’s Grills

GabbyHi, my name is Gabby.

Welcome to our family owned company Gabby’s Grills. My Dad, owner of Olds Rocket Parts, does more than build engines and sell car parts. He invents new things all the time. So I knew if anyone could turn a round Weber barbeque into a Santa Maria style grill, it would be my dad. The Santa Maria style grill is perfect for barbequing tri-tip, my favorite, but we have a Weber barbeque. You can’t adjust the grill on that barbeque, so dad was constantly flipping the meat over and over trying not to burn it. When business was slow, dad was making  Santa Maria grills and selling them to family, friends and pretty much anyone that would buy one. One day he was making hamburgers and I asked for tri-tip, dad said he didn’t want to pull out the big Santa Maria grill to make one tri-tip, so I thought, why not turn our barbeque into a Santa Maria grill. I shared my idea with my dad and sure enough he created the perfect attachment for our round Weber barbeque and now it’s available to all of you, enjoy……..